Don Cola arrives at Banana Hotel

Don Cola arrives at Banana Hotel in Switzerland
17 September 2015 Roberta Moscato

Yellow is not is color, but banana is its symbol.

Today we would talk about Banana Hotel, one of our last customer who has bought our Don Cola.

Ape Don Cola by TeknèItaliaThe restaurant Banane has chosen the colour light blue to customize its Don Cola. A vintage attractive design with the most advanced Italian technology.

It’s the ideal and ecological solution for banqueting and events. Its warm LED lights give a classy atmosphere and make Don Cola the protagonist in every situation.

And if you charge it during the night you can work more than 5 hours without the need for electricity and it is like a complete Ice-Cream Shop that it will assist during busy day sup to 80 Kg of Gelato/Ice-cream capacity at your service.

Teknè Italia Food mobile series is a new way to make business, thinking for who wishs invest in new opportunities.