Daniele brings Italian cuisine at Washington DC

Daniele brings Italian cuisine at Washington DC
10 July 2019 Roberta Moscato

Daniele’s Italian Cusuine

Warmth, joy, and food of an Italian family

Starting from concept family is warmth comes from a dinner with too many chairs and a kitchen full of noise and laughter. Daniele had opened an Italian restaurant in Washington two years ago.

His one is not the “usual” Italian restaurant. It’s something more. Indeed, you can find the love and the passion of a real Italian family. He believes in the power of simplicity. So, Daniele has contacted us (through our dealer Modalità – Italian Design Solutions) to design a unique vehicle.

Fresh Food Cart
Mozzarella Cart

This food cart should have made it possible: to bring everyone the excellent taste of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. In a word, the Caprese.

Telling the importance of fresh ingredients has in Italian culture, we have designed some shelters where place basil plants. Two reasons. The first is that the clients will be able to see the basil leaves are picked from the plant as necessary, the second is permitting to live an emotional experience. Indeed, the smell of basil is intense and evokes Italy easily.

Also, Al Volo’s food cart has two refrigerated storages to keep tomatoes and mozzarella. It has a cutlery basket and the sink too. Every element was designed to improve the workflow. The wooden appendix permit to bring a cash register everywhere. In this way, this food cart begins a real moving “Mozzarella Bar,” increasing the business opportunity of Daniele.

We had fun to imagine a layout that telling what you can discover immediately. So, mozzarella, basil, and tomato are the protagonist. Their colors, furthermore, are the same as the Italian flag.

Do you know what makes us very proud? The certainty of achieving the result thanks to the words of Daniele. “You are the best, and we are delighted by the reaction of our clients. Indeed, they are really excited about the food and the cart“.