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Everyone loves Cannoli

Sicilian Cannolo is a famous food all around the World.
The itinerant selling is a profitable food business, because this product is orginal, tasty and easy to prepare “at the moment”.


Cannoli Cart Eataly New York

Filler: the nice touch of your vehicle

This accessory will help you to improve your food serving during the day. Indeed, this patended “filler” will guarantee you some real strengths and opportunities.

  1. It’s refrigerated;
  2. Automatic fillet;
  3. It has an elegant design;
  4. High capacity;
  5. Stand alone or installed in our cart.
Filler for ricotta
Filler of ricotta
It’s refrigerated

Our filler is refrigerated, so you can keep the ricotta at the right temperature during the work day.

Easy to use

It’s easy to use, you don’t need a pastry chef.

It has an elegant design

This filler can be a piece of furniture for you bakery or confectionery.

High capacity

The filler can contain up to 5 kgs of ricotta, cream or fresh custard. Furthermore you can install in the same cart up to 2 fillers.

Stand alone or installed in our cart

Indeed, our filler can be installed in other counter or can be used alone (for example during catering). Indeed you can choose to buy also only this accessory.

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