Buying a gelato cart in Australia is a real business opportunity

Buying a gelato cart in Australia is a real business opportunity
17 July 2017 Roberta Moscato

Buying a gelato cart in Australia is a real business opportunity.

To the European mind, Australia an unexplored territory full of exotic animals and adventures, and it’s where the Teknè Italia adventure started in 2010. Not many people know it, but Melbourne is where we sold our very first ice cream carts, and thanks to our internet presence we were soon established in Sidney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide too.

TeknèItalia at Fine Food

It was “love at first sight” and it’s remained constant over time.
An enduring love that has enabled us to build important business relationships and above all solid friendships.

Donna Hay, Gelato Messina, Bianco Latte and 7 Apples are just a few of our most prestigious clients who have been won over by the elegance of our designs, the quality materials and the Made in Italy assurance.

So, we’ve decided to come back and see everyone again, and we’ll be at Fine Food Australia from 11 to 14 September 2017.

We’ll be there to welcome you over the four days between 10am and 6pm, at booth P1 in the International Convention Center, Sydney.

We’re getting ready to meet you.
We want to hear your stories and tell you our news: our new eco-friendly carts made in aluminum and our new equipment for different types of food.

We’re totally convinced that a “moving business” is a real opportunity.
Cost-effectiveness and mobility are the main strengths of the business model. Teknè Italia has developed 50 models to respond to the customer management requirements that entrepreneurs and their staff have to confront.

High load capacity (up to 80kg), long run time (up to 8 hours), high quality materials and a patented vintage design mean that Teknè Italia is a safe investment.

Ice cream parlors, restaurants, pizzerias, bars etc. will all find we have the perfect solution to meet their requirements. Come and visit us at Fine Food from 11 to 14 September and find out how buying an ice cream cart is a real development opportunity for your business.