• Bella Gelateria and Lamborghini: together for charity

    Bella Gelateria is been one of our first customers… Maestro James has had the foresight understanding the business streght of our ice cream cart.

  • SIGEP 2016 is coming and we are getting ready…

    This event is one of the most important in the world for ice cream maker and, in any case, for all professionists of street food and pastries.

  • Top 10 key questions to be successful in business

    If your target is to be successful in business, you have to remember these advices.

  • #TEDxSSC: change the World is possible

    TED is a no profit iniziative that promotes ideas worth spreading. And this is the spirit that guided us when we have decided to support

  • Bianco Latte: a masterpiece of entrepreneurship.

    What happens if you mix Italian creativity, mild climate of Melbourne and gelato? A small masterpiece of entrepreneurship, of course!

  • How important is the design in business?

    Don’t they say first impressions are the most important? And this is true! The first boost that potential customer feels to decide buying or not, it’s the sight. So is important have something cool to sell in an appropriate location.

  • When Italy means to be ahead

    In this period seems strange listen to someone saying that “to be Italian is a benefit“. The economical situation of our country is not consider positive for SMEs, above all if you are a start-up business.

  • The importance to sell a quality product

    Quality and creativy are the keys of success. Obviously these are not the only elements to build a good business, being dynamic and able to respond to every customer needs.

  • Gelato Buonissimo, taste and quality in Busselton

    Gelato Buonissimo is the first and longest-running authentic Italian ice creamery in Western Australia, and is greatly responsible for beginning a gelato craze in the state. From 2001 Vettorel family had opened Gelato Buonissimo store in Busselton (Australia).

  • Moving business: the solution for the crisis.

    One of the more difficult challenge in the new business, full of competition, is mixed tradition and innovation. It’s more complicated for the SMEs that often are not able to bear the fixed costs. “Moving business” could be the solution.…

  • Banana Hotel has chosen TeknèItalia

    Don Cola arrives at Banana Hotel in Switzerland

    Yellow is not is color, but banana is its symbol. Today we would talk about Banana Hotel, one of our last customer who has bought our Don Cola. The restaurant Banane has chosen the colour light blue to customize its…

  • Teknè Italia in New York City again

    Just over four months ago we visited United States to participate at NRA SHOW, the International Food Service Market Place. Three days full of innovations, opportunities and, of course, meetings. Starting from our new names! We have had the chance…