• We'll see you at Ecomondo 2016

    From 7th to 11th of November we will be at Ecomondo 2016 – Key Energy in Rimini.

  • Alessandro Marchese, a success story.

    Our best reviews are customers case history. So, today we want to tell you about Alessandro Marchese

  • TeknéItalia defends the real MADE IN ITALY

    One of our hallmarks has always been give priority of Made in Italy. We care about every single element of our carts is produced in Italy

  • Apollo, the solar vehicle for your food business

    Apollo, the new solar vehicle of TeknéItalia is designed to be the ecological solution to improve your food business.

  • Würth: a successful business relationship!

    Tekné Italia’s staff believe that is important mantain high quality standard in every production phase.

  • Katerina wins the heart of Eataly

    Two Katerina cart by Tekné Italia conquest Eataly. The vision and style of these two carts reenacted a street style

  • It's summertime!

    Summer has come! Also warm, longer day and holidays, this is the season of Don Peppino.

  • La Dolce Vita: the symbol of Italian lifestyle.

    Shake together the stunning Savoca, youthful lifestyle and all the freshness of the most famous Italian aperitif “Aperol”: the resul is…

  • Eataly an example of Italian business

    Mix the high quality of Italian ingredients, an elegant location, the Oscar Farinetti’s business skills and you will get “EATALY”.

  • Tekné Italia presents the new "green" models

    TeknéItalia is near to the ideal of Smart City. We believe that the urban environment have to be designed to combat the ills exuded by large cities

  • Happy birthday Vespa!

    This year the famous Vespa Piaggio celebrates seventy years. We would tell more about this special vehicle

  • Don Cola and Don Peppino: the Italian charming

    Don Cola and Don Peppino are two of our more requested models. They are two food trucks small and versatile