• May the 4th be with you!

    We must admit, we grew up on Star Wars! “May the force be with you” is the salutation that has cemented the most sincere friendships.

  • What’s better than a hearty dish of pasta?

    Today (25th of April) is a national holiday in Italy! It celebrates Italy’s liberation from the Nazi-Fascist regime.

  • Earth Day: so that the Earth is respected every day.

    On April 22, we will celebrate Earth Day, the biggest global environmental event.

  • Tutti Frutti Brno: a story of love and passion!

    Today we want to tell you about Milan and his wife. They are a young couple who run — with enthusiasm — a pastel-colored ice-cream shop in Brno

  • How Italians do things

    On social networks the “How Italians do things” meme, which references Italian gestures and the culinary aspect of Italian culture

  • St. Patrick's Day: a hook for Green Vision

    Today is St. Patrick’s Day! A Special day during which you will be dipped among the colour green, clovers and good luck rituals.

  • Old but still Gold

    Old but still Gold, this is the claim of the new Communication campaign of TeknèItalia.

  • Homage to Venetian people

    Venetian people are famous for their creativity and inventiveness. So, Carnival is maybe the most meaningful event of the year.

  • Slim vehicles: the solution for space restrictions

    Slim version of our carts are the solution for who has space restrictions. Indeed, Procopio and Katerina Slim are smaller than others vehicles

  • We started with a simple plan

    Researching of design has always been one of our more important values. Today we want to talk about our patented lids

  • A special Sunday at Sigep 2017!

    We met a lot of old friends at Sigep this year. So, we would like to say thanks to who has passed just to say hello.

  • First day at Sigep 2017

    Every year SIGEP means “meeting”. It’s time to see old and new friends and to meet new people.