• Tekneitalia has no colour

    Family is not about colours, it’s about values!

    Often we hear about the concept of “family”, so we want to say what TeknèItalia thinks about this hot topic. Everyday, we live the life of a “family” company. This is not only because TeknèItalia was born from entrepreneurial spirit…

  • Mama Shelter Loves Ice cream cart

    Opening Mama Shelter Belgrade

    They had contacted us to realize a special ice cream cart. It had to reflect the personality of Mama Shelter: young, bright and totally fresh. Working with our graphic team the result is this Katerina. Yellow, ironic and workable.

  • 6 tips to start your own moving business

  • Patented Lids

    Design is much more than a Word

    We often hear about design, so much so that the word has been “abused” in many contexts. This is why we prefer to talk about “drawing”: the act of putting a thought down on paper.

  • Pasticceria Marchesi gelato carts

    Pasticceria Marchesi has chosen TeknèItalia

    Pasticceria Marchesi, part of the Prada Group since 2014, selected TeknèItalia to produce two ice cream carts. We are extremely proud of this collaboration, as it aligns perfectly with our vision of Design, Art and Quality.

  • World Pasta Day

    Celebrate with us World Pasta Day

    You hear Pasta, what do you think? Everybody thinks that pasta means “Italy”. Indeed, it’s a basic staple of Italian cooking and much more. Pasta could be considered a global food. It is consumed in all five continents and having…

  • Two new cannoli carts for Eataly

    TeknèItalia and Eataly still together

    It is with great pride that I inform you that Eataly has again chosen to trust us at TeknèItalia to create two cannoli carts that will soon be located at their New York and Chicago stores. These last two carts…

  • Sicilian Style

    Sicilian style is a guarantee of success

    A new Procopio talking about exciting Sicily Baroque, warm, colorful and multifaceted. We are talking about Sicily, of course. The land of the Gattopardo, the land of Norman nobility. The land of myths and legends, the land of masterful sweets,…

  • Buying a gelato cart in Australia is a real business opportunity

    Buying a gelato cart in Australia is a real business opportunity.

  • Our Seventh Year, it’s Never Going to Suffer

    TeknéItalia turns seven! Another birthday has arrived: today is our seventh birthday. We have to admit that we love this number.

  • A new "Don Peppino" is in town!

    It’s named after Don Cola, but it’s called “Don Peppino Eis” and you can see it around the streets of Rust and Ettenheim in Germany.

  • Everyday is Take Your Dog To Work Day

    “There’s something about pets that really brings people together”