The caravan of opportunities

The outfitting of Bernardo is tailor-made for each company.
For our customers, we create mobile kitchens and small itinerant restaurants with a strong brand identity.

Equipment, materials, graphics, and colors are scrupulously customized to make the best food truck a communication and marketing tool at the service of the company.

It’s look good anywhere

It is perfect outdoors, to be used for events, catering or as a “pop-up store”or it is ideal to create a secondary distribution point or amplify the store’s offer with an additional product.

It is compact and handy

Totally resealable. Its compact size (in line with European parameters) allows it to circulate safely throughout Europe.

Emotions on a silver plate

With a slightly provocative phrase, we want you to discover how Bernardo could be your ally.

Our kitchen caravan will help you to evoke memories and make your service unforgettable.

This feature makes it the ideal mobile truck to use for events, parties, weddings, or catering services in general.

Customization is an added value

The Bernardo, like all TekneItalia’s products, can be customized in every part.
It will have to attract your audience.

Our long experience in this field and our creative team will ensure high-quality support from design to the creation of your food truck.

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