Aurea is the solution opportunity advantage for your business

Aurea Desk

Until 10 years ago the term pop-up store was known only by a few professionals. Today almost everyone knows that these are temporary shops, often created in unusual places and rented for a short time, which generally promote and sell collections created ad hoc.

The pop-up store, in addition to bypassing the cost of rents, allows you to launch special products, test new ones or markets, and increase brand awareness. It, therefore, represents an additional channel to increase sales.

To meet this need for the food and wine market we have designed “Aurea”.

Our models of the Aurea line can be customized according to your needs. Contact us to discover how versatile is this pop-up store.

Temporary shop is a retail format capable of continually evolving, it is flexible, nomadic, and always creates a surprise effect.

Our line of the counter is perfect for this.

Easy to install

Aurea models are easy to install, you don’t need special skills to use them.

It has an elegant design

Aurea are a linear design, perfect to be use in different situation.

High capacity

The capacity of our Aurea is wide. In gelato line, for example you can contain up to 80 kg of gelato.